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Does anyone know how to fix the startup repair loop. My pc cannot even reach the loginscreen. I do not have a cd drive so I cannot even run a windows repair cd on it and when i try to connect a flash drive, it's as if it won't read them at all. I've tried to access f8 and then click on safe mode but it won't open and instead just goes into startup repair. Then i just receive a message saying startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically. when I try to click on advanced options for system recovery, i can only access the command prompt.. for all other options I get an "there was an unexpected error" message - the system can't find the file specified.
Also, when I access command prompt it cannot find the C directory, instead, it is shown as X.

I am not an expert in pcs at all, so sorry if my explanations are somewhat confusing or inadequate.

I hope someone can help! I think my only option is to somehow fix it using command prompt only (if that's even possible) as my pc won't recognise any of the external flash drives I try to connect.
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    If windows detect start up repair but cannot repair them:

    they a chkdsk c: /f/r in admisitrator command prompt (or from installation disk)

    Else, get the hard drive out of the lappy and do it from a tower.
    Usually it does the trick
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