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i am experiencing a wierd network issue.... i have two laptops
1. SAMSUNG NP300E5V having Windows 8 pro
2. DELL N5110 having windows 7 ultimate
both are used with google chrome browsers
dell 5110 operates fine with wifi using facebook and google search but when second laptop is powered on and facebook is browsed, facebook and google browsing slows down to a terrible level and dell laptop is also affected. problem resolves on dell laptop when samsung laptop is powered off.
How to solve this....please help me....
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  1. Check your modem/router may want to perform a restart. Unplug both the router and modem from power and each other, wait 20-30 seconds then plug the power in and then the devices to each other. See if this helps at all, run a speed test and see if your response time is good and your speeds are what your provided has rated you at.
  2. Make sure you did not assign them the same static IP address, but are using DHCP.
  3. tried restart.........
    if they have both same static ip then why connections works sometimes at full capacity.....
  4. You may want to try and reset your router to factory default settings, update it's firmware also. If that fails try a new router.
  5. as far as my thinking, the problem should be with laptop...
    in dhcp clients list dell laptop has ip
    and samsung laptop has
  6. Does the Samsung laptop work normally by itself? What happens if the Dell is the second one turned on?
    What channel is the router using? There may be some other nearby device that is causing interference.
  7. Samsung laptop alone doesn't seems to be show issue....using right know..
  8. channel is 11bgn ......sites other than facebook and google are not affected....and if are affected then not to that extent.....
  9. Only those sites are affected? That truly is bizarre. You might clear your Temporary Internet Files on both systems, and cookies from those sites as well.
    If your laptops both use wireless N, turn off B&G on the router.
  10. tried first suggestion....and will try second..........
    and yeah mostly facebook which i use more.......
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