i7 4770k vs i5 4670k

Hey all, I'll be getting my PC built next month and I need some convincing and honesty so that's why I came here,

Like the title says, i7 4770k vs i5 4670k, what should I get, I don't mind spending the extra cash on the i7 but do I really need it and would I get any use out of it at all compared to the i5?

I'm a heavy gamer and like to watch movies/youtube/search websites and have two monitors and use 3d when playing games and watching movies also, I don't make videos nor do I edit them,

the motherboard I'm getting is "Asus Maximus VI Formula S1150 Intel Z87 DDR3 ATX"

and the graphics card is "Gainward GeForce GTX 780 980MHz 3GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI Phantom GLH"

not sure if that helps but said I'd put it there just in case, also I wont be upgrading the PC for 2-3 years

looking forward to the replies and please convince me why I should or shouldn't get the i7 4770k or i5 4670k.

Thanks in advance!
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    save some cash and go for the i5 4670k, it will work as good as (if not better than) the i7 in gaming and general computer tasks. The i7 would only be useul/better if you were going to be doing editing or heavy duty business type applications.
  2. animal is right man get i5 for gaming and i7 for buisness type stuff
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