Windows 7 Logon issue and broswers etc scattering images.

Hi Tom's HW

Recently, I've been having some strange issues with logging into my Windows account. My PC boots up no problem, although a little slower than normal, displays the logon page, but after entering my details and hitting enter, never actually logs in and gets stuck on the Welcome screen. This doesn't always happen, but when it does, it prevents me from using my PC for a few hours. When I am logged in finally, I have another problem: broswers and other programs (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Steam and Origin all have these issues) scatter images and make websites etc very unusable. Screenshots: I can send more if required.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM
i7 3770K 3.5GHz
MSI Lightning 7970 3GB
16GB 1600MHz RAM
C: 128GB SSD (Windows installed here)

Security and AV:
ESET Smart Security 6 (currently in trial)
KeyScrambler Premium (paid edition)
IObit Malware Fighter Pro (paid edition)
SUPERAntiSpyware (paid edition)
HitmanPro (paid edition)
Zemana AntiLogger (trial)
MalwareBytes Pro (paid edition)
Spybot Search + Destroy (free)
MalwareBytes Anti Rootkit Beta (free)
Kaspersky TDSSKiller (free)
MalwareBytes fileASSASSIN (free)
MalwareBytes regASSASSIN (free)
call me paranoid lol

System cleanup tools frequently used:
CCleaner (free)
Advanced System Care Ultimate (paid edition)
Smart Defrag 2 (part of the above)

Solutions I have tried:
Looked through my startup menu on msconfig.exe and unchecked unnecessary programs from starting, to no avail.
I have run System File Checker to check for unwanted modifications made to Windows files and to check for missing/corrupt files, no problems found.
I have tried using the repair function when inserting my Windows disc, no problems found.
I tried Startup Repair, failed to repair an issue that it didn't specify.
Someone on another forum told me this and I wan't entirely sure what it meant, if any of you guys can elaborate: Bad HD geometry/file tables as well as RAM issues can also manifest as boot/login issues.

Please can you guys give me any suggestions on what the problem might be, as this is becoming very annoying by now. I would like to avoid reinstalling Windows if at all possible.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. boosted1g said:
    I would normally say that it sounds like malware, but with all of your software sounds more like the antivirus programs are fighting each other.

    You only want ONE antivirus program running and making decisions, and then can use osmething like malware bytes as only ran when needed program to scan for things missed by your security program. And its 2013 spybot s&d is not really recomended/necessary for use anymore.

    Having multiple active running security programs can start conflicting with one another, and there is a larger chance of them making stupid decesions. Not to mention if several start trying to run a scan or even update at the same time then you are going to slow down to a complete crawl.

    Yeah, I thought of this, but they all claim to be cooperative with others. Also, as far as I know, ESET is the only one to offer real time protection. I only use the other as second opinion scanners, and surely no conflict occurs if ESET is the only one with a realtime protection module. Correct me if I'm wrong and thanks for replying!
  2. boosted1g said:
    The IOBit and the pro version of malware bytes are real time scanners.
    You have two keylogger programs.

    I am not a fan of ESET since the downfall of NOD32 but everyone and their mother will have an opinion on antivirus software in an IT forum, be like arguing chevy/ford/dodge at a car show.

    I have disabled the realtime protection of MBAM, SUPERAntiSpyware and IObit. I have also uninstalled Antilogger and Spybot. Thanks for the tip, I'll see if it makes a difference! What anti-virus would you use and what happened to NOD32?
  3. boosted1g said:
    Oh man i knew you were gonna ask that, i remember a key part of NOD32 got completley compromised and exploited, i just dont remember much more about it off the top of my head (that was 4-5 years ago).

    I use Kaspersky, due to having to load people's infected drives to get their data off or just checking things that I know are going to be infected I do put my computer at "risk" from time to time and kaspersky has done a good job of flaging things without having too many false positives. It is a little slow on scans and the first update though, but I still like it better then Norton.

    I should of guessed you'd say Kaspersky, it was on my consider list and I'm going to try the trial when ESET trial has finished. Unfortunately, my dad will be sharing my AV license with me (he's paying for it so I won't argue haha) and his PC is shit so Kaspersky is kinda out of the question I think. But I'd definitely prefer to use Kaspersky, but as my dad's paying, I think I'd rather use ESET than spend £40 on Kaspersky.
  4. boosted1g said:
    I dont know about europe prices, I always order Kaspersky from amazon, usually $25-30 USD instead of the retail $79

    All the Kaspersky versions I see on Amazon are last year's versions if not older.
    Also, Spybot had a immunization feature that fixed loopholes in browsers. Could that be the reason for the messed up web pages?
  5. So the product keys with the older versions work for the newer versions? Okay, nice. Looks like disabling the realtime protection has solved most of the issues, I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for not having a relapse. Thanks for your help dude, you're a lifesaver. Also, I've just noticed, ESET no longers launches at startup. I've tried setting it to launch at startup in MSConfig, but after applying and exiting MSConfig, if I open it again, ESET still isn't ticked for startup. Parts of it launch, according to SYS Internals Autoruns, but only things like the context menu scanner. There's no option within ESET either for launch on startup. Kinda weird.
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