onboard vga consumes too much ram

mb: ga-h61n-usb3
mem: 8gb
cpu: i3 3225
os: w7 64-bit

cpuid showing that my onboard vga takes up 2gb of ram (???) even though I set it for less than 512mb.

Is this a misleading info of cpuid or intel vga driver bugs? Anybody having similar issue?
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  1. is this causing you any specific problem?
  2. Windows 7 and 8 will automatically and dynamically allocate part of the system memory for the GPU, regardless of whether it's integrated or discrete and how much memory you have set aside for it in the BIOS. CPUID is probably either seeing that or it's just bugged. CPU-Z shows my Radeon HD 6970 as having 0MB of RAM. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    If he is not using his on-board VGA and his system is allocating 2GB for it, he is losing 25% of his system memory overhead. That memory gets physically addressed via MMIO. It very well could just be a reporting issue so maybe try to get a 2nd opinion from another app. Disable it in BIOS if you are not using it.
  4. There is no performance issues/problems. I am using the onboard vga in a HTPC/server mini-itx box.
  5. dont worry about it then
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