Will an EVGA card work on Asus motherboard?


I'm shopping for a card for my husband. I was going to go for the GTX 660 however my budget has grown a bit and wanted to look into these cards please give me your input as far as if they are worht the money and do they outperform the Asus 660.

Also he has a ASUS P8P67 Pro REV 3 (MotherBoard) so will it work well with that?

Thank you!
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    yes. all motherboard manufacturers use a set standard for pci-e. so as long as your board is pci-e complient which they are, any pci-e card will work in it, and yes both cards will out perform the asus 660 by some margin...
  2. You will not need the 4 GB version unless you're running a really large resolution.
    Any brand video card will work with his motherboard.
  3. Yes any will work, it doesn't matter what manufacturer it's from.

    Those cards will both outperform the GTX 660. I would just go with the cheapest GTX 760.
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