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Hello......I've gotten a new Sammy 840 Evo 128gb SSD, and I want to use it exclusively for my OS (Win7 hp). Not enough room, anyway, for all my "stuff". I know how to set the SSD up with a fresh Win7 and all that, but I'd like to then have the new win7 retrieve all data, etc. from my old HDD (which was complete, Win7 and all). Now, when I put the new SSD in, it'll be drive C:, right? and wouldn't my old HDD (which was C: ), when I put it in, become E: ? and yet everything in it has filepaths that start C: ? I know that I can change the registry in the new Win7 to get the user data from another drive, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the old C: drive not being the C: drive anymore.

Or does the old drive and everything in it become E: ? Uggggh....
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    If you're considering a new install on the SSD (and you should), it becomes the C. You other drive becomes E or whatever.

    1. Create new folders on the HDD - Top level MyStuff, subfolders of MyDocs, MyMusic, MyVideos, etc
    2. Copy everything from Documents to MyDocs, Repeat for Music to MyMusic, etc. This untraps those items from your current user account. You can do that after, but it is much more hassle.

    1. Disconnect the HDD
    2. Connect the SSD
    3. Install
    4. Verify it works (and go through other optimization steps - ask if you're not sure)
    5. Reconnect the HDD

    Your Documents:
    1. In Libraries, you can designate any folder, on any drive to be that location
    2. Rightclick on Documents, select Properties
    3. Add... and select the MyDocs location to created above
    4. Select "Set Save Location"
    5. Repeat for the other places in 'Libraries'
    6. Now your Docs/Music/Videos will default to the HDD

    Some may work in their current location on the new "E", some may need to be reinstalled.
    For Steam games, moving it is pretty easy.
  2. You don't need to change anything in the registry to get any data required unless you are backing up special modifications you use.

    You need to simply copy the data over to your new driver once you install Win 7 on the new SSD but don't install with the old HDD in the system.

    Once you install Win 7 your SSD will be drive C:

    Your SSD will become E: most likely when you put that drive back in. This can be managed in the Disk Management mmc console

    Let me know if I can clarify anything
  3. Ur older drive would be E
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