need help. amd v intel... build confusion

hi guys,
so i thought i had my amd build finalised but the more reading i am doing the more worried i am about building an amd rig. not sure why but i like amd. is it really that much of a difference between intel and amd that would require me to change my build....? the future of amd (from what i read on toms) is what worrys me...
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  1. AMD makes very capable processors, what are you using your system for and what is your budget?
  2. mainly gaming. bf3, bf4 etc. around $1500 AUD (

    this is what i have for my amd build.
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    These 2 articles may help you decide on if you want to go AMD for a gaming build. Reviews usually point to the Intel I5 sandy bridge or later. It does depend on the game though.,3106.html,3328.html
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