Bytecc BT-300 SATA to USB adapter issue

The BT-300 shows up in devices in Windows 7 and shows that it is connected to my Seagate 2.5" SATA drive ST320LM001, however the drive does not show up in the My Computer section where I can access it. I have a Hitachi drive that does show up in the My Computer section when using the BT-300. So I know the BT-300 is working properly. The Seagate
drive is a known good drive.
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  1. you can look in disk management as see if just needs to be assigned a letter.

    As for the seagate, how do you know its a good working drive? After it didnt work for you did you take it to another pc and it worked fine? theres difference between 'known working' and 'it worked fine the last time I used it'
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