Best Monitor for Graphic Design?

Hello I am a professional graphic designer who is always
sending to print and need it to be true colour.

My price range is £100-£250, but if your american then that would be up to $350. then i can find a UK version.

I also will be playing games on it but the design is the priority.

So any suggestions?
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  1. k1114 said:

    Looks good but is the picture same as print colours? I have seen this one before but Its hard to choose :P
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    The pa248q is available in uk but is £315. It's still an 8 bit monitor so it's going to be similar. If you want an adjustable stand or dvi/dp then you could go with the pb238q. Monitors are rgb, print is cmyk, you will never have the same colors but this is the best you will get at this price range.
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