Weird ram problem

My HP Pavillion has Amd radeon 7640g and says ues 4.98 dedicated ram. my system ram is 8gb but windows only see's 3g avaliable to use in control panel and msconfig ?? how can i change this.

Also my index score said ram 7.3 once restarted it says new hardware re index it now says 5.9 ??
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  1. are you using a 64-bit system? or32-bit? u can find out by right clicking my computer left click properties and under syster theres system type , if its 32-bit u need to switch to 64 bit check that and we will see the index part after it
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    As h3sham said, you're most probably on a 32-bit system. Windows 32-bit only recognizes up to 3.5 gb of RAM which is why you can't see the actual numbers. The solution for this would be reinstalling a 64-bit version. However if that's not the case and you're on 64-bit OS, it may be a hardware failure as the WEI (Windows Experience Index) shouldn't change without any major updates.
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