motherboard error 'A2"

first off, i'm sorry if this isn't the perfect place to post this. well, as the title suggests, when i turn my computer on i get the error code "A2". so here's what's gone on so far: i opened my custom built computer up to install an old HDD, while doing that i decided to take out some old cold cathodes that i don't use anymore and to remove my optical drive. i've checked everything and it all seems to be plugged in properly, everything seems to work fine, when i press the power button i get the normal start up i have always gotten. my computer seems to run fine, i can still play games. but when i take a look at things a little closer, such as when i open nvidia GeForce Experience i can no longer optimize any of my games. also when i go into my BIOS i can only see one of my SSDs, i used to be able to see both of my SSDs.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
AzRock Z77 extreme6
two corsair ddr3 8gb ram
antec h20 920 cooler
Intel SSD
Samsung SSD
intel I5-3570k CPU

also, before i forget, i've looked everywhere for answers and so far i cant really seem to find any that really match my problem. it may just be me. well, i took a look at the link below and i see that all of my BIOS settings are to AHCI.

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    well, i found a forum post that suggests that getting these numbers on Dr. Debug to show upon start up is normal. This is odd, because Dr. Debug has never shown numbers upon start up until now, I think...

    the forum link:
  2. Sorry to reply to an old thread, but my solution was to plug everything back in to when it was working, boot into bios, and change boot priorities so your hdd is option 1 and not optical drive which mine was.
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