What's causing my computer to restart while playing Mass Effect 1?

EDIT: My little sister was playing Roblox and the same thing happened to her so this is happening with other games.

I'll try to explain exactly what I do and what happens. So I have my computer on and it's running fine. I click Mass Effect 1 (I've even tried running as admin) and it opens regularly. I resume my game and walk around for a bit, maybe shoot a couple people and then my compute restarts. ABSOLUTELY NO indicator that this is about to happen. It doesn't freeze, the audio doesn't loop, I get no error messages it just restarts as if I pressed the restart button. I've checked my temperatures and my gpu and cpu are at about 40 sometimes even less. I've checked my task manager and I'm not even close to full load for my cpu or memory (probably 50% at max). My graphics card driver is up to date.

I did have troubles with my RAM at first but then they went away. I'm suspecting my RAM may be the problem but I'm not sure if this can happen because of bad RAM.

My computer is a little over a week old, I built it myself.
The specs are:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (genuine) OEM
CPU: AMD FX 4130 quadcore 3.8ghz (not OCed)
RAM: 2x4gb G.Skill RipjawsX ddr3 1600
GPU: Sapphire HD7770 OC edition 1gb of gddr5
PSU: XFX Pro 550w 80 plus bronze
HDD: WD Blue 1tb 64mb cache sata 6.0gb/s OEM
The Mass Effect I'm using IS NOT pirated and it came with ME2 and ME3 in a trilogy set.

I've been able to play Combat Arms and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 without this happening although they are not as graphically "intense".

Please help.
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  1. power supply would be my guess. It doesn't happen until you start putting a load on it by playing a game
  2. well the psu is good quality so that is unlikely. but there is always that possibility.

    so it only happens when you play those games? like if you watch a long movie, it doesnt happen?
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    Like the rest, the first thing that comes to mind is the power supply, HOWEVER, I just spent about 3 months trying to track down a similar problem and it looks like two of my 4 sticks of RAM were causing the problem.
    It started with random lock ups and progressed to random BSODs and boot lockup and mouse problems.
    With the suspect RAM installed, and only those two sticks, I continued to have the problem. With the other two sticks, no problem. Computer has been running for 4 days without a prob.; wouldn't run 3 hours before.
    Check the RAM, again. One stick at a time in the primary slot on the PC.
    I ran MEMTEST85 with no errors, ever; and Windows Mem. Diagnostics with no errors. Gotta use your PC.
    Good luck.
  4. It only happened to me in Mass Effect and to my sister in Roblox but that was right after the computer rebooted from Mass Effect so maybe it's not because of Roblox. She's playing it right now actually and has been for 30+ minutes without any problems. I can't really say anything about movies because I only watched like 30 minutes of one in full screen.

    EDIT: It might also be worth mentioning that it seems like the computer restarts quicker and quicker each time but I'm not sure about that since it happens like 5-10 minutes after starting up the game.
  5. I'm calling it a night. It probably IS NOT the game(s). Please re-read my post for a good, but lengthy, starting point.
  6. What nostall said; check the RAM. If it still has the problem, well, at least we ruled that out.

    If it is not the RAM, I wouldn't be surprised if it is a driver issue.

    (Is windows saving any .dmp files? If so, do you know the BCCode?)
  7. your psu is good quality,maybe your cpu temperature is rising when you're playing mass effect,monitor your temps when playing mass effect,if your temp is rising up you need to change your cpu fan/cooler
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