My Wi Fi router can provide up to 400Mbps, but my internet is working at 65Mbps

Hello. My router can provide up to 400Mbps, and the current payed speed is 100Mbps. The router is a Hitron BVW 3653 ZON-F.

My network card is a Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n

So, what might be the cause of this? The network card is supposed to support up to 150Mbps.

My best regards.
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  1. The ISP is the bottleneck in internet speeds.
  2. There's a difference between actual and theoretical performance. Everything's fine, a 65Mbit connection to the INTERNET is plenty fast! Not long ago, 1.2Mbit cost $900/mo. in the form of a T1
  3. Thank you for your replies folks. But even so, there must be a technical explanation for this. Im not unhappy, its just that it should deliver the N ability to perform up to 150Mbps. Instead, its performing like its predecessor.
  4. LOL these posts are so funny that people think that buying a router that can support higher wireless speeds gives them faster internet. DONT COMPLAIN about the Router complain to your ISP lol
  5. David, the speed spec of any router is "Data transfer rate" but not the speed that you get from your ISP. If you get 100 mbps from your ISP, you cannot expect 450 just because your router supports higher speeds. The Router in N mode provides relatively higher speeds, check yours is set to N or some mixed mode!
    Check speed directly from your ISP whether you get 100mbps by connecting directly to your modem. (
    Also check speeds when hard wired to your router rather than wireless. There is always some kinda interference, obstacles come in to picture which cause speed loss!! Hope this helps.
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    First thing to try is to directly connect the pc to the router with a cable and see if the wireless is limiting you or the ISP is.

    65m is a very telling number though. That is the exact maximum speed that can be expected running single channel 802.11n with standard guard bands.

    You will need to reconfigure your equipment to make it use the wireless features. You are actually going to have to read and understand how the various combinations affect your speed. You need to understand what makes 150m different from 450m and why it might run 72m or 65m.

    Likely your router is following the standard for 802.11n and detected a transmission in a adjacent channel and followed the rules and only used a single channel.
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