Installing Windows 8 from USB gives a black screen and blinking cursor

I am trying to install Windows 8 from a flash drive on my laptop which is currently running Linux Mint 15. I am able to select the flash drive as the boot option in the BIOS but when I boot to it I am stuck on a black screen with a white blinking cursor forever.

I have tried various fixes I found googling the topic, changing a number of different BIOS settings, remaking the boot media on the flash drive, using a different flash drive etc. to no avail. I have tried creating the flash drive using the programs Windows USB, Rufus and manually copying the files, all giving the same result. The ISO I am using is downloaded directly from Microsoft.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be great.
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    Always works for me...
    Scroll down to 'Download YUMI'
    Insert your Pendrive and note it's Drive Letter (Important!)
    Run the software once downloaded
    Best to allow a format
    Select the correct Drive Letter
    Scroll down the list of Distros to 'Windows Vista/7/8
    Browse to the location of your ISO
    It should look something like this

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