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Cannot format 64GB flash drive from exFAT to NTFS

I have tried the 'Go to control panel>administrative tools>computer management, under disk management or removable storage , select your drive, right click it and format' option and once it gets to 100%, it gives me an error message saying that it could not be completed. I have downloaded the update but I still cannot do anything.

I am given the option of formatting the flash drive when I right-click on it, but I am not given any options; just drop down menus stating the same default options.
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  1. Have you tried it on a different system? does it have software on the drive is the drive protected lock out? whats the brand some more info could help us help you thanks
  2. I have tried it on two different systems and no, it does not have software. I now have to deal with a 64GB pen drive that has a 'Raw' partition. I am trying to figure out how it got corrupted, since I could not actually do anything with it. I will try to find some way of alleviating this new problem, since I am unable to change the partition using Windows Explorer.

    Edit: After following what various people have mentioned and the like on various forums, the pen drive is now undetectable to the computer, has lost its location and I cannot do anything with it. It is rather frustrating that the drive has become corrupted and now I need to figure out what, if anything, I did wrong. Thank you for the response; that's money I'll never get back but if you don't buy a leading brand, this is what you get I guess. Take care and I hope this does not occur again with any of my other flash drives.
  3. if you go to the windows start menu and type in create partition there should be an app that pops up saying "create and format..." Under "view" you should see "drive paths...". If the card is working somewhat, this should allow you to give the card a letter and allow it to be seen under my computer. I am actually having the same problem. I am trying to format exFAT into NTFS. I keep having problems transferring files. I have successfully formatted the drive to FAT, next I am going to try for NTFS. I used this HP format tool in order to get it into FAT. Next I will try NTFS.
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    Step 1- Plug your USB flash drive in USB slot on your pc

    Step 2 - open command prompt

    Step 3 - Type " format Z: /fs:FAT " for formatting to FAT

    OR Type " format Z: /fs:FAT32 " for formatting to FAT32,

    OR Type " format Z: /fs:NTFS " for formatting to NTFS,

    OR Type " format Z: /fs:EXFAT " for formatting to EXFAT, where " Z " is the letter of your Memory stick. Press Y=Yes or N=No to proceed/stop the formatting
  5. Hello guys , if anyone is having some troubles First you must format to FAT32 then Convert the usb to NTFS , do not format on NTFS Just convert it to NTFS and there will be no errors , please use EASUS Patition Manager to do this :D , good Luck.
  6. I'm just formatting a hard drive, 150gb from NTFS to FAT32. I'm having to partition the hard drive into 32gb partitions as this is the largest size you can format to FAT32. In win7 tap on the 'windows' button and in the search box type in partition. Find your flash drive. Right mouse click on it and shrink the volume to 32000 then you can format to FAT32.
    I know this advise is to late but for future ref!
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