How to install bios update?

Earlier I was having an issue where I couldn't get my PC I built to boot to post, I think I figured it out. I went to the support site (I'll link at the bottom) and it has a download for a bios update to support my apu (amd 6800k)
The motherboard is a MSI fm2 a55 e33m. I am assuming I can't access the bios because it needs an update to support my apu. Is there any possible way to update the bios without the apu? For the record I do not have any other ones around to test.

Link to support page:

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I figure that would work. I was curious of there was a different way too install the updated bios because I don't have any other CPUs around
  2. Best bet for this is local pc shop. Just explain what needs done. Im sure it want cost to much just an 1/2 hour time rate. If your really nice could even do it foe nothing and that would be a boost. Good luck.
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