Hyper 212x thermal paste method

Hi guys

As a beginner computer user this is the first time I'm building my own computer myself.

I have some question mark on my mind. I read many ideas and suggestions on the internet but i still dont clear result which way is better to use thermal paste.

I have amd fx6300 cpu.

according to that website below the X shape way is the best solition. Is the test trustable ?
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  1. should i use two line methods on pipes. small thin lines.. this the only way know looks reliable to me.
  2. I usually put a dot (roughly pea-sized) in the middle of the cpu-heatsink and spread it towards the edges with a piece of cardboard.

    Whether or not this is the professional way to do it - i don't know, but my 2500K @ 4,0Ghz gets around 51c under full load.

    I've built around 100-150 systems, and I've always applied thermal paste like this.
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    Proven and tested, a single small pee-size goo of T.I.M. is sufficient.

    What is the best way to apply thermal grease?
    - Part 1:
    - Part 2:
  4. I'm gonna try dot way. I hope it will work correctly thx.
  5. aiko1905 said:
    I'm gonna try dot way. I hope it will work correctly thx.

    If you fasten the heatsink properly to the mobo, sitting square on the CPU, there is absolutely no reason why it should not.

    Good luck.
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