AMD OC Stability issues/High voltage!! (Phenom ii X4 920)

I have tried to OC a Phenom ii X4 920 2.8 Ghz. By raising the HTT to 250 i have managed to get it to 3.5 Ghz, but to make it work i have had to raise the vCore from 1.350 to 1.525 (and it bumps to 1.6 under load).

I feel like the voltage is a bit to high for that FSB. And it's still not really stable!

The tempratures i'm getting is about 41C idle and 56C - 57C under load. I'm not really happy about those idling temps since i got a huge noctua sink with dual 120mm fans (and decent case fans as well).

Here is a list of changes i made to the BIOS:

- Disable AMD Cool and quiet controll

- Set the CPU multiplier to 14x instead of auto

- Set the HTT to 250

- Set the memory clock to 3.33x (Stock is 4)

- Set the K8<->NB HT Speed to 4x (stock is 5)

- Set the vCore to 1.525 (Stock is 1.350)

CPU-z reads:

- HT Link 1000 Mhz (stock)

- NB Frequency 2000 Mhz

- DRAM Frequency 416.7 Mhz (Stock is 400)

- FSB : Dram 3:5

- Max TDP 125W (while HWMonitor actually reads out 140W)

- And also the correct bus speed, core speed and multiplier

I don't think i have changed anything else.

I'm really happy with the performance at this level and don't feel any need to push it further. But i do want to get it stable, and to get vCore and temps down a bit. Anyone got any advice? Have i missed a step? I'm new to OC and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some pictures from BIOS:

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  1. Looks fine to me those temps are fine even at idle it does seem like a lot of voltage though.
  2. spentshells said:
    Looks fine to me those temps are fine even at idle it does seem like a lot of voltage though.

    yea, i could live with the temps. But the voltage is too scary. Especially since its not even stable.
  3. I have tried lowering the NB multiplier (memory controller), witch set the NB Frequency to 1750 Mhz - But no real improvement.
  4. You need to set your memory settings to the SPD values from the AUTO settings I can tell they differ slightly enough and of course set 2T command timing to relax the memory instability(auto usually selects 1T which isn't stable with high FSB overclocks. The HTT speed and NB speed aren't generally the first place to look at for instability issues. Do this and you could probably relax the vcore back down a bit.
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