Gtx480, plugged in wrong power cable! Have I fried it? :(

Hi, I got a second hand gtx480 gpu card today and I wasted no time fitting it to my m/board (p5n32-e sli).
There is 2 power connectors on top of the card, a 6 pin and an 8 pin. i Have a zalaman 750w hybrid modular psu and I connected the fixed 6 pin to the card. The 8 pin is of the modular type, It was already attached to the psu so I proceeded to connect it to the 8-pin socket on the card.
I fired up the pc but got no display on the screen, then I got a sudden strong electrical burning smell! I cut the power immediately and had a brief look at what could be the issue. Basically the 8-pin connector cable is a 6 to 8 pin wire and the 6 pin end was plugged into a SATA power port on the psu and not the 8-pin pci-e port!

I did not get a chance to change the wires after this as had to go to work.

Is it likely I have fried my gpu card from doing this?

Really hope not obviously!

Thanks for the help.
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    I don't think you did.

    But you shall find your answers once you connect the right cables. If fan is spinning on card then everything is alright. If not then nothing is alright.

    Depends on that. :)
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