2 Routers over LAN. Second does only give LIMITED WLAN!

Hey guys!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

My first router has a LAN cable to a second.
the LAN of the second works flawlessly.

However, Problem is:

WLAN of the 2nd Router does not give Internet access.
Can only access router settings.

2nd Router:
has same ESSID as 1st same PW
is pretty far away from 1st. cant see 1st from 2nd.
does not has own DHCP
has a different Ip-address.
not using Wan-port

I tried around a bit. but I honestly have no idea why he only gives limited networking..

its def the router. im pretty sure.
tried different wlan devices.
wlan works with them at first router.
my second router is an edimax.
I dont think the model number is that much interesting.
its neither new than too old.

I really appreciate any kind of suggestions!
Thank you! :)

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  1. Try changing the SSID to make them different - I'm not sure how much effect it has, but it's worth a try.

    Many routers have an option that prevents WLAN devices from accessing the LAN. Check for this - it's often called "Wireless Isolation" or something similar.
  2. Hey thanks for the quick answer!

    I also tried all kinds of SSID names, security protocols.

    That with the isolation was new to me. Havent found any option like that though.
    I was some time ago able to play games lan multiplayer with one pc lan connected the other wlan.
    so I dont know if thats the reason.

    but indeed I also do not see my other pcs that are wired with lan to the 2nd router in the network of my wlan pc..

    thanks again for the help!
  3. Best answer
    What I meant was to make sure the networks have different SSIDs. I'm not sure how it would affect it though.

    Guest access and Client Isolation are other names I've seen.

    You've definitely got the LAN cable plugged into a LAN port on both?
  4. hey,

    yes I have also tried different SSIDs.
    I have not found anything regarding any kind of Isolation.
    Lan Cables are ok, as Internet over Lan works with the second Router,
    only WLAN does not.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Tried a factory reset? Shouldn't be anything too hard to fix in there.
  6. Hey again.

    I tried factory reset and pretty much everything else.
    Im really out of idea. Maybe someone has a brilliant abnormal idea..

    otherwise, thank you!
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