Sata 3G ports not working asus p8-h67 m-pro Sata 6G works fine.

So I have 2 grey sata 6 and 4 blue sata 3G the the 3 port don't recognise any drives. The BIOS says empty. I am using AHCI mode. The two working hard drives are my windows hard drive and my mac hard drive. The mac hard drive requires ACHI mode to work. The is an option about Hot plugs.
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  1. read the manual. i think there are motherboards that if the sata3 are used, sata2 will be disabled. or maybe are disabled from bios.
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    try setting it to IDE
    is it the first revision of the chipset? then its a chipset flaw which was discovered by Intel after it was released, but i've never heard of the flaw completely disabling the SATA 3GBps ports, RMA the board if its still under warranty
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