Kingston HyperX Blu/ Hyper 212 plus question

would the hyper 212 fit without pushing the ram? I'm getting 2x4 then later getting another set of the same to make it 16gb. it will be on a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H Motherboard. any answer would be appreciated. or should i get these instead?
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    I have 16 Gigs of blu HyperX ram the low profile ones and that exact cooler on a Gigabyte mobo - they just fit under the cooler. The great thing about the Hyper Evo is the fact that you can move the fan to the other side of the heatsink to avoid ram clearence issues.

    Anyways - they fit in my computer.
  2. If they are low profile then don't worry. If they have tall heat spreaders you might have to move the fan a bit on the cooler. Not a big deal. Just move the fan more away from the mobo.
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