best nvidia card for gaming under 150$ ?

need a gaming gpu for my pc i leave in india so i want under 9k rupees
amd fx-6300
4gb ram
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  2. +1 for the 650 Ti, u can find it at 9-10k (check for Independence Day offers)
  3. Agreed. The 650ti Boost is an ace card for the cash. The misses runs one alongside an old 6 core Phenom II, gets a solid 50-60 frames on the high preset of Farcry 3.
  4. No brainer. If you are buying in the US market then the 650ti Boost. It's awesome for the money. Even though you aren't you can still get it for a decent price in India. It's the one to look for.
  5. +1 on the 650 ti boost
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