Multiple fans in one mobo 1 sys_fan header?

Good day. Please confirm, still a newbie. I have 2 Corsair SP120 quiet edition in push-pull configuration on Seidon 120M.

According to corsair website, The sp120 quiet edition has a power draw of 0.08 A.
Considering my my mobo (GA-B85M-D3H) sys fan header can provide 1A.

Does it mean im safe enough to plug 4 Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition to 1 Sysfan header? 0.08x4=0.32A

Please confirm. im really confused coz ive read a lot in other forums with other suggesting not to plug more than 2 fans in 1 sys fan header.

Thanks guys
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    Fans can draw more power on startup. I would recommend most users stick to 2 fans as well. I have personally used 4 in some rare cases(I do things I do not recommend :) ) without issues(like yours VERY low power fans).

    If the fans are quiet enough for you at full speed. Please use a molex connector to power them to avoid all risk to your boards fan header.
  2. what if i use 2 different models of fans in 1 header via 3-pin y splitter? is it ok?

    Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition = 0.18 A
    Kaze Jyuni Slip Stream Slim 2000rpm = 0.27 A

    Is it safe? (not pwm, only 3 pin)
  3. Yes, splitter with separate molex power is the safest way to go. Something like this:

    This will work with multiple fan models, both 3 and 4 pin, and power comes directly from PSU, so there is no load on motherboard header.
  4. look u should go in for same fans as the difference in airflow can even reduce performance

    i used same fans but plugged them in diff sckets of mobo on my hyper 212 evo and there was a 100rpm difference which reduced my performance
  5. As Sn1992 say, Matching fans is best if they are used for the same cooler(push/pull).

    Different fans on the same header are not an issue(it works) for lets say case fans or other fans.

    Bejusek, You have just posted on of my favorite adapter styles since you can not overload the motherboard and does not try to split the speed sense/tach cable. The only issue is that 3 pin fans run full speed with that adapter.
  6. yes thts a better option than mobo fan splitter
  7. Thank you guys for all your help...unfortunately, i already ordered 2 different fans. i ordered a slip stream slip coz of space issues in my chassis..
  8. I have the 1200 rpm version and it(slim) was VERY quiet(not powerful, but gets the job done).

    Now I want to know what space requires such a thin fan.
  9. itx chassis :)
  10. I want pictures :)

    Bit of cram :)
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