Weird temps with fx-8350

Hi there

I recently bought AMD Fx-8350 CPU and I m currently using it

I am using stock cooler with stock termal paste

(I had to remove cooler few time which resulted in losing some of termal paste,but it still covers the whole CPU...)

I made few screenshots on HW Monitor,BIOS and side widgets

Can you tell me are this temepratures normal?
What are perfect idle temps on this CPU using stock cooler?
What are perfect load temps on this CPU using stock cooler(lets say crysis 3 on max settings)?

Also sorry or OFF TOPIC but I don't want t spam the GPU's board for the same question so could oyu tell me are GPU temps are fine(39-41C on 33% ventilator while tiyping this and 36C on 100% ventilator not doing anything)

HW Monitor:



Thanks for help
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    the bios is showing the right temps
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