660ti with 2 6pin adaptors from psu


I want to know if anyone has had any luck with using a 2 molex to 6 pin adapter to run a power hungry gpu (660ti in my case)

I have a good 750W psu but it only has 1 6pin and 1 8pin which is not enough, since I want to add an extra 660ti in sli, (strangely enough, it is sli certified....)

Would it be okay to use 2x molex to 6 pin adapters like this:

From what I know, a 6 pin connector has 3 12v lines an 2 grounds, while using a 2 molex adapter will only yield 2 12v lines an 4 grounds to my gpu.

Would this be okay? I have about 4 molex connectors free from my psu, so each 6pin would get 2 dedicated molex connections.

Anyone know what gauge the cables usually are and what they are rated for?
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  1. Aren't the 8 pins actually 6+2 pins ? Just leave the last 2 dangling if so.
  2. JackNaylorPE said:
    Aren't the 8 pins actually 6+2 pins ? Just leave the last 2 dangling if so.

    well not my my case, but the psu came with an 8pin to 6pin which is currently in use by my 660ti. I need more connectors since I am adding a SECOND 660ti
  3. What PSU do you have?

    Most decent 750w have at least 4 PCIE connections.
  4. I bought this about 4-5 years go

    its discontinued now ofcourse
  5. Ok , it's a decent PSU.
  6. Should work , its a decent unit , with reliable power.
  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Ok , it's a decent PSU.

    I know that, I just want to know if there are any issues with using 2 adapters to run a gpu. Will 2 molex connectors be able to provide enough power without melting?
  8. Best answer
    Yes it should be able to power it thru molex.
  9. ok cool thanks
  10. Your welcome!
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