Motherboard Led not glowing. Power Supply issue.

I have a Supermicro serverboard X8SAX. I made all the connections except 8-pin 12v power supply. It started and stopped and since then motheboard led not glowing. What should I do? If I purchase a new SMPS with 8-pin 12V connector as well and install it will it work?
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  1. I have connected the 4 pin connector... Is the 8 pin connector needed...?????
  2. werner123 said:
    The 8-pin is needed, the 4-pin is recommended but not required for normal operation, so make sure the 8-pin power connector is connected.

    Thanks werner123...

    One last thing. The beheviou that I mention LED lighted up and then suddenly not lighting at all. This is normal or something is wrong?
  3. werner123 said:
    The LED not on is probably due to the 8-pin power connector not being connected, but you will know that for sure when you do.

    Let me try and get back to you.


    Kapil Adatiya
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