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Hey all, I just have a quick question
I've had my amd phenom ii x4 for nearly a year, and recently changed the thermal paste, from the original stock stuff, to as5.

To which I noticed a unbelievable drop in temp, I went from running gw2 at 60c, to running it at 50, can as5 really do this, or is my temp reading wrong'

I read the same temp over about 3 temp monitoring system, all the same.
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  1. It is Probably Right The As5 Thermal Compound according to me would be the reason as you said you checked 3 times .
  2. Just seems 10c off my original temps is pretty great, I didn't think it would do that.
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    Think the change in temps are valid.

    While there is a diff between thermal paste, it is generally only about 5 C. I think what you did is 1) got some improvenet from chaning the paste PLUS 2) A much better Thermal contact between the CPU and the HSF (Probably this was the biggest reason for drop).

    The AS5 requires time to reach max effectivness, so over the space of a year you should see an additional 2->3 C drop.
  4. Oh cool, I think another factor is new case and motherbaord, more airflow in my case now, plus the bigger mobo means my gpu isn't kicking air into my cpu, I will be getting an aftermarket heatsink for my cpu eventually, hopefully a 212+
  5. Yep you yourself answered it. :)
    and yes i agree with Cheif with better Contact of cpu to hsf .
  6. Thank you very much for the answers, ill select best answer, regards and take care all
  7. ENJOY!!
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