What to upgrade first?

I have a pretty old setup and I would like to upgrade it but I dont know what to upgrade first?My cpu and motherboard, or my graphics card? I dont have the money right now to upgrade everything

My current setup is:
CPU: Intel® Pentium® Processor E6600

MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte GA-EG41MFT-US2H http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3470#ov

GPU: Sapphire HD5670 Ultimate 1GB http://techwiki.hardwarecanucks.com/product/1MDk4NDI/Sapphire-HD5670-Ultimate-1GB/#spec
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  1. Depends on your upgrade budget. Can you pelase tell me what is your budget for the upgrade? I mean then we would be able to suggest you something for the price.
  2. Around 300-400 Euros for now
  3. And what store are you buying from? Send us the link, if possible. I hope it is in English.
  4. It has an english version here http://www.alza.cz/EN/default.aspx
  5. If it were me I would upgrade your motherboard and cpu first which would also include your ram since your old processor is a ddr2 platform.

    Reason why I say cpu/motherboard/ram is because you'll notice the biggest leap in performance at the present time. When you can afford a stronger graphics card you can go into that maybe upgrade your power supply at the time as well.
  6. werner yes roughly... bigshootr.. ye i was thinking about that too that first I upgrade my cpu but Im not sure if a cpu upgrade is better for gaming... by the way i have ddr3 rams 8GB and they work fine :P
  7. werner123 said:
    "ye i was thinking about that too that first I upgrade my cpu but Im not sure if a cpu upgrade is better for gaming... by the way i have ddr3 rams 8GB and they work fine" That's the point i am trying to make, wait till you can afford to buy, MOBO, CPU and GFX Card, then do it, you probably going to need a new PSU as well.

    I've heard this method recommended as well from linus from linus tech tips buying everything at once for best compatibility and ease of returning items that wont work. However, if you are out to purchase something this very second then yea cpu/mobo.
  8. werner123 said:
    Have a look at the following just to give you an idea what you can get with your current budget, you can use your current memory and like i said you will probably need a new PSU:


    Well also what games do you play or want to play because for me a 7770 would not suffice for my gaming needs however for you it may.
  9. from this budget i would upgrade my cpu/mobo or gfx not both at the same time to upgrade both at the same time i would get more money ... for cpu i was thinking about haswell and some h87 mobo but for gfx im not sure what to choose I have an 1680x1050 LCD screen and I would like to run BF3 maxed out (at that resolution), soon BF4 on about hight settings and maybe GTA V (if it will be released on pc)..... on this system what I have now I can run BF3 about low to medium settings around 30FPS... and a question about PSU: I have this psu now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151080 I know for a new GFX I will have to buy a new psu but is my current psu enough for haswell?
  10. Okay, thanks for the advice I think I will save up more money a upgrade everything at the same time ... Ill choose some of those graphics card you mentioned, and I will go for Haswell.... Just one more question about my PSU, I know it has 2 PCIe connectors thats fine .... but it has only a 4pin ATX connector for CPU is it enough for something like i5 4670?
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