Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4G or Intel Core i5 4670K 3.4GHz

I am buying custom pc so which one of these processors are better if i am not overclocking. Is 3.4ghz enough for playing games like battlefield 3 and on what settings can i play bf3 with 3.4ghz pc. Videocard i will buy is this
I hope this videocard is good and will it work good with one of these processors.
If you ask why i dont want to overclok thats because i heard that processor will overheat with the fan that this intel comes with. Do i need to buy new fan in order to overclock.
Also is this 850w power supply good and is 850 enough for gaming
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    If you don't want to Overclock then why get "K" Processor ?

    ocing with caution and right cooling can really effective and increase performance significantly.

    Regarding gen4 it has new socket so you might need to change motherboard/upgrade to lg1150 support one.
    One major difference is that at normal Idle State the 4th uses less power.

    For More Benchmark Test see (
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