Need suggestion about gaming

How to play games if I connect my rig to 40 inch led .....1080p.....
What should I do go for ,controller or buy a wireless mouse and keyboard
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  1. Its your Personal preference , if you just play fps games console would be nice and if you love playing with console
    if you want to do other stuff like Play MOBA,MMORPG,surf internet ,etc you might need a keyboard and mouse.
  2. I don't have. Couch in my room
  3. Use both! I have a controller and keyboard/mouse hooked to my computer. Sometimes it is just easier to use the controller when flying, but easier to aim on the ground with mouse.
  4. Best answer
    Then I suggest get the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse as it can be used for multiple purpose like gaming as well as other stuff.
  5. Ya ...I forgot about Netflix ......
    Thanks sticking to mouse and keyboard .....
  6. Dirty mind !!!
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