this PSU for HD7790

is an acbel 500w PSU enough for an HD7790 with an i3 540? the PSU have 3 12V rail with 18A each for a total of 36A
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  1. Yes, it is. It has enough 12v+ amperage for that card. It needs 21A and 500W min.
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    Bottom line first, YES , but if you have not bought it I would recommend a lower wattage Higher quality PSU
    IF not bought yet, take a look at:
    Best choice “Gold” Seasonic - $76
    For $60: Rosewill “gold” (Most Rosewill are crappy PSU, BUT not this one.
    For $50, Corsair CX430

    1) Your total system power should be approx 175 Watts to 250 W under load (ie runing Furmark).

    2) If your acbel is a acbel Polcom then it is a tier 3 PSU which means it is exceptable quality - Myself I prefer my PSU be rated as tier 2.
    IE a Tier 2, 450 Watt PSU would be better than a 500 Watt tier 3.
    Tier List:

    Looks like a tier 2, 450 Watt PSU would even support two 7790's in xfire

    @ delmetor "It needs 21A and 500W min." I'm guessing you got that from GPU Manuf. Their ratings are based on about a tier 4 PSU which may only deliever about 60% of rated power under load!!!

    The OPs system will be = to or less than 200 Watts. A Seasonic 350 Watt PSU would power his system and last a long time, UNLESS Crossfire is in his future.

    NOTE: Minor fib by manuf: two +12V rails @ 18 Amps. This is NOT really true. IE if you did draw say 17 Amps on V1 then V2 would be limited to < approx 8 Amps as Total power can not exceed 350W (ie (18 + 18 Amps) * 12 V = 432 Watts, YEA, give me a break, from a PSU rated @ 350 Watts.
  3. It'll do fine, I mean a half decent 300w depending on CPU would power that.
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