Recovering an OS system image to SSD but programs are on separate drive?

So, i decided to upgrade to an SSD not knowing that my motherboard has no Sata III ports. Which i'm honestly sort of ok with for now. My question is, if i make a system image of my C: drive (the SSD), but i install most of my programs on my 3TB Drive will i be able to recover that image to the SSD, and still run my programs like nothing has happened? I know that if i get a new motherboard i'll need a new license for windows 7. I'm also running in AHCI mode.


If yes, i'll order a cheap Z77 board with a couple Sata 3 connections. :bounce:
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    Yes that can be done. Just keep the image on 3TB HDD for later use. But with a new MB I doubt it. A fresh install of OS will be the answer.
  2. Ok, I realized since making this thread that the easiest, and fastest way to do this will be to back up my games on the 3tb drive, and simply reinstall them without having to re download them all.

    Really wish it were possible to just reinstall the OS from a clone, and have only lose the windows activation while everything else is still linked.

    Also new MB's have new drivers so it really would be better to freshly install. I see that now. Sigh.
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