How to know if you need extra cooling fans?

Hi this is my first PC build and these are my current components:

Do I need to purchase cooling fan(s)? I'll be attempting to play BF4 on ultra if that matters.
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  1. nothing there mate. ie specs.
  2. We can't see your wishlist, but a general rule is - only add fans if needed.

    More fans might equal more cooling allowing them to run slower/quieter, but it is more fans, possibly producing more noise in total.

    Tradeoffs abound.
  3. Oh oops.

    CPU - FX-8350
    GPU - AMD 7870
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    like usaf said,only add fans if needed.ive seen temps go up after adding fans due to decreased,rather than increased airflow. if you can give us the full system configuration we can give better advice. more to the point download and run a monitoring tool like hw to see your temps.this will give you a better idea of the need for fans. its not so much how many fans you have but rather how they are place.
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