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So, I've been saving up for a new build for months now (I'm 14) and I'm planning on getting a hyper 212 Evo for my Sabertooth Z77 board with a push-pull configuration. Anyways, where do I plug-in the extra add-on fan?

Thanks so much guys!

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  1. You can use a splitter to the CPU cooler header on your motherboard, I would like to know this too, as I only have the OEM fan on mine, in push config. It cools my stock i5 3570k at 60c awhile gaming though so never wanted another fan on it atm. Might do if I overclock
  2. You can do this with either of these ways:

    If you motherboard has another fan header

    Fan header splitters

    Or molex to fan header converter
  3. The Sabertooth Z77 board has 3 (three) 4-pin and 1 (one) 3-pin fan headers directly above the CPU socket. You should have no trouble connecting them straight to the board without having to mess with splitters or headers or anything of the such.
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    I have read that many people on this forum, including myself, have had very poor results with 2 fans on a 212. Its not going to make-or-break your machine, but it will either not do anything, or make it worse (as it did for me). If the "pull" fan on the 212 has to "push" air into the rear case fan, make sure the rear case fan spins much faster so there is no resistance. This wasnt the case for me... made it hard for my fans to push air out, resulting in a slight increase in heat.
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