Need a solution for running multiple applications more efficiently

My computer has a quad-core CPU, SSD, and 8 GB of RAM.

At any given time I have 5-6 .exe programs running (bots) that run a iFrame of an internet freemium flash game. My computer is generally at 100% CPU, and load is being maximized between all cores. These are not full-screen applications, or video intensive games.

These don't need regular maintenance (since they are bots). In essence, all the bots exist to collect resources to give to my main character for use.

What's the most practical way to increase the number of .exes I can run when the few that I have going are already maxing out my CPU? A server? VM instances running one each? There are folks with 50-150 simultaneous bots running at the same time, and I'm dumbfounded at the idea.

I can buy a server if needed, but don't know the first thing about using it. I don't think VMware is free, and am humbly open to ideas.
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  1. If you want it to run maximum potential i would upgrade the CPU, Overclock it, and get 16/32GB of ram to allow the applications to run without any drawbacks
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    Faster CPU and more RAM. Also, what operating system are you running? If XP of Vista, change it to 7.

    If you know there are poeple doing what you are but better, you can find out from them what they are using. Most people are happy to share info if they have setup something neat.
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