Need some help plugging a molex cable into PSU

Yeah, so I am about to boot up my pc for the first time. All that stands in my way, is my chassis fan controller. I'm supposed to plug one of the ends of the molex cable into the fan controller cable, which I have done, and the other end into the power supply. That's my problem. <-- picture

This is a photo from my power supply manual that shows the sockets on the PSU. The two to the left is already plugged in by SATA power cables for my SSD, CD/DVD-drive and harddrive. Therefore, there's no more of those sockets where I can plug my molex cable. My real question are: Can I plug the molex cable into one of the sockets for the graphics card? The red square shows where the cable fits. Will it work?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Norway. :)
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  1. Normally. the same cables that have SATA power connectors also have a Molex or two as well. Can you tell me the make/model of your PSU so I can get a better idea of what you have?
  2. Its an Antec HCG-620m PSU :)
  3. You have two cables that terminate with Molex connectors. Your fan controller should have a connection that accepts a male Molex or a SATA power, or something. The particulars depend on the controller. If it's a Molex, then the plug may be a pass through, meaning you plug a male Molex in one side and can still power other devices from the male connector on the opposite side.

    What controller are you using?
  4. I'm not sure if this is the answer you want, but the fan controller is built into my Fractal Design Define R4 front panel.
  5. They are talking about the same thing you are working on here:

    You just need to connect your (up to) three case fans to the controller and then power the controller with a single Molex from your PSU.
  6. I will check it out! Thanks :)

    I got two case fans plugged into the fan controller. The only thing I'm missing is the power for the fan controller. I plugged one end of the molex-cable into the fan controller cable, but there is no place for the other end on my PSU since my SSD, harddrive and cd/dvd-writer takes those two sockets.

    Here is a better picture:
    The black ones are busy so if I want to use the fan controller integrated in my R4, I have to put it in one of the red ones. Will it work?
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    Your PSU should have come with two cables that had a bunch of SATA power connectors, one with Molex connectors, and one with Molex and a floppy drive connector. These cables plug into the 'HDD' connectors on the PSU. It is fine to power your hard drives and fans on the same cable, but in your case I would consolidate your drives on one cable and then use the now free second connector to power the fan controller. You have a good PSU, so I wouldn't worry about having all your drives on a single cable, especially considering you have a SSD, as opposed to two (or more) HDDs.

    If your cable arrangement means you don't have a Molex near the controller, look into buying a Molex extension. They are usually <$5. Don't bother with the expensive wrapped cables. If you want that effect, go to a dollar store and buy a roll of electrical tape and wrap them yourself.
  8. I will try to get my SSD, hdd and dvd-drive on one cable. A friend told me it would be smart to let the ssd have its own power cable(yes, my hdd and dvd drive are on one cable and the ssd the other) because I was going to have my operating system on it. That is the reason I used two power cables. I'll do as you say, then I can plug it in where it belongs. Thanks!
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