Computer will not boot, no post, no beeps, no bios, no video

I'll start off giving the specs for my computer.

Motherboard: Asus p7p55d-e
RAM: 2x2GB Kingston ddr3 1333
CPU:Intel i5 quad core (I don't remember the exact number) LGA 1156 socket
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 240, 1GB of GDDR5
HDD: 1TB 7200 Western Digital Caviar Black
PSU: (not entirely sure) I think its a 600W Sentey psu, came with my old case

I bought and assembled all these components almost 3 years ago, I've had no hardware problems until today. I recently moved from South America back to the United States and as such I disassembled my desktop and brought back the core components I've listed (so I'm installing in a new case with a new monitor, already tested with an old dependable monitor). So my guess is something was damaged in the moving process. What I'd like to know is if any of you with more experience can throw me some suggestions of what the likely problems are, my guess is either PSU, Motherboard, or CPU (in that order).

I have followed the checklist from this thread:
All connections have been checked and all components are correctly seated (RAM, GPU, CPU no bent pins or anything). Here are the current symptoms I'm getting.
I press the power button on the case, all devices turn on (fans, leds, front panel lights, dvd drive and hdd) I hear no beeps whatsoever from the Motherboard speaker (its a brand new speaker so its conceivable that it doesn't work, but I find it unlikely. Unfortunately i don't have a spare). The green boot device led is on. The red motherboard cpu-led light is on (obviously not a good thing). But I have no video output whatsoever (tried dvi and vga).

The first few times I tried to boot there was nothing abnormal other than the things I listed above, but after that my PSU starting making a kind of grinding noise and the fan (which starts at normal speed) slows down and gets really spotty after 5 or 10 seconds. I tested the PSU alone (using the paperclip trick) and the grinding noise/spotty fan persisted. The only reason I'm not entirely sure if its the PSU is that the red CPU-led is on on the motherboard (and not being an expert I don't know if the PSU failing could cause the CPU led to be on).

So I've tried to provide all the useful information that I can think of and would be more than happy to provide any other information. I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone on here could give me.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. A bad PSU can cause all sorts of problems. If you want to test it, there are testers available:

    Or you can got to a store with a good return policy and use a PSU from there to see if yours is the problem. If it is, keep the PSU. If it isn't, take it back and look for other problems.
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    You did not say where in South America you moved from. Some parts have voltages of 220. Check the power supply to see if its set to 220v and change to 110. I had this problem a couple of years ago when i was trying to fix someone's computer.
  3. I came from Argentina and now that you mention it it is 220 there and the PSU is rated for that(didn't notice until you said something), unfortunately it doesn't have any kind of switch on it nor does it mention 110 in the input range. So I'm just going to assume that I can't use it at all here. So I guess I'll go pick up a new PSU sometime (or get another one from newegg, depends on prices). Just a question, I'm assuming that since the PSU was rated for higher than 110 that it likely didn't do any damage to the internal components? It would be great if anyone knows if the rest of the computer was probably unaffected by the incompatible PSU or not. I'll keep you guys posted, thanks for the quick responses. :)
  4. You are not going to know if anything is broken until you install the new power supply. Do you have any friends who could lend you one?
    Take the power supply to the store and get one the same or better- 400, 500 or 600 watts.
  5. Thank you very much fast one that was exactly what the problem was. Just the wrong Voltage PSU. I went and picked up an OCZ 600W and it booted first try. Fortunately nothing else was damaged. +1 Internets for you sir :)
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