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hi, at home i need to upgrade our pc and i was hoping to build it myself to try and save some money, i have two questions. First is a mini-ITX form factor more difficult to build for somelike like me with a little bit of experience rather than a more conventional form factor, secondly below is a link to a possible build and i was hoping to get some feed back and any improvements, id like to be as close to £400 as possible, this pc is going to be mainly used for internet surfing, listening to music etc, no serious gaming will be done. thanks
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    Mini-Itx solutions aren't hard to work with I would although take more care in looking for a good solid case that is easy to build in. Even as a new system builder you should be fine. For a basic system to check email do some office work I would say your computer is right where it needs to be. And you have a good choice case wise so I'd say good job. I personally would of moved to 8 GB of ram but you can afford what you can afford.
  2. For your needs I'd say this is a pretty good build. As an owner of a bitfenix prodigy I'll just warn that it's definitely not super small.
  3. thanks for the help, if i can stretch my budget i will probably add more RAM as suggested.
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