HDD not showing up on new system when SSD has OS on it

Hi all, i have a new system and i have a samsung ssd 120gig and have my os installed on it, i added a western digital 1tb sata drive to keep my games and d/loads on but it shows up on device manager but not on my computer to select the drive as it just shows my ssd
I hav a gigabyte ga z77 d3h board and was told there is a setting in the peripherals settings in there but im really not too sure where to look and what to change.
my sata mode selection is set to ide and not to sure if this is what needs changed to ahci, or if i need to do a re install and hav it set to ahci before i reinstall windows as i didnt have the hdd plugged in when i installed windows, jus the ssd??
I hope sumone can help as this is killing me
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  1. was it formated in disk management?
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