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Hey, I've just registered on the site but searched the forum for a while. I was looking for some advice on a laptop I was considering purchasing to refurbish. I am told that the laptop boots up, but there is no display on the laptop screen, or by either VGA or HDMI. The seller has just replaced the GPU and he says it worked for a few days then stopped again. I basically would like a list of possible solutions, and how likely it is that I could fix it. Keep in mind that I can't actually test anything as I don't yet own the laptop! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why do u want to purchase someone's headache? There's plenty of perfectly good working laptops out there for sale that you will enjoy minus the work to fix it.

    My suggestion is to forget about buying it and fixing it unless you get it for free

    We would need all the system specs to even start in answering your question - and history as to why it doesn't work now
  2. I wanted to intentionally buy it to fix and resell. It's a hobby of mine. I can't give you a history, because I don't have one, but I can give you the specs, and if you have any general suggestions I would appreciate them. Here's the notebook on
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  3. Why did the seller replace the GPU? Is it still under warranty? Did the seller spill liquid on it?
  4. He replaced the GPU as an attempt to fix the screen issue. I would bet on the GPU being under warranty if he got it new; if you mean the laptop then no, it is not.
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    If he had issues with the system, and tried to fix it by replacing hardware without knowing the cause, he made a bad decision

    I would suspect the motherboard is the culprit if this is the second GPU that's died - unless he's overclocking it and burning it out
  6. Alright, I think I'll pass on this one. Thanks a lot for your time.
  7. why can't you guys just try to answer the question instead of asking dumb questions like why did he buy it. its a website for technical knowledge not a site for judgement.
  8. if there is no display but there is power maybe you are having problem with your memory card or what do we call RAM. try to test any memory card or RAM that will fit at your unit.
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