GTX 280 - PC Crashes and reboot with every games after psu fail/change.

Hello !
This is my config :
Asus P7H55
Intel Core I3-540
2*2Go Kingston Value
Leadtek GTX 280
Thermaltake Smart SE 530

I used to have a no-name kind of PSU (650 watts) but it finally died on a hot evening, so i ordered a new alim, i figured that 530 watts would be enough as the PSU was rated 87%.

My PC works fine as long i'm not playing any game, but when i launch a game, it will crash and then reboot after 2 or 3 minutes.

I have logged the temps and voltages and nothing seemed to be bad.
My GPU temp was about 85C°, CPU @ ~60C°

I have tried another hardrive with another windows installation but I have got exactly the same problem.

Everything was working perfectly before my noname psu fried.

Someone has any idea of what could be the problem ?

Thansk, have a great day.
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  1. it is probably that the computer has to little power since you downgraded from 650 to 530 watts if not its probably the graphics card.
    its about 4 years old and may not be able to handle games anymore
  2. Yeah but would not the PSU get hot ? Is 530 watts really not enough ?
  3. try reinstalling the 650 watt PSU and see if the computer works other than that i would recommend upgrading your graphics card
  4. My 650 PSU died... That's why i bought a new PSU.
    Yeah i know I should upgrade the GC but i'm pretty cheap ATM, It was given by my brother in law from his former pc...

    I used to estimate the needed psu rating and It said 390W min, so I should be good...
  5. Update: I swapped the PSU with a 650 noname one and it still crashes.
    I swapped the GTX280 with an old fart 7600GT and it works "fine"

    Do you think the gc is dead ? How could i check it ?
  6. if the 7600gt worked over the gtx 260 is most likely unable to handle the graphics of video games
  7. No shit sherlock ? Of course it doesn't handle much over the GTX280.
    But the pc doesn't crash so i now know the problem is really between my GC and my PSU, but since it doesn't work with any of 2 psu, it looks like it most likely the gc that is faulty.
  8. Best answer
    like i said get a new one
  9. I would like to be sure first.

    How can i know if my card is faulty ?
  10. its faulty if an older card does beter
  11. Doen't do better, just doesn't crashes.
  12. well then the 280 is clearly broken like i said get a new one
  13. Update: I test my 280 in a friend's setup with a 700 watts psu and it works fine... So i guess 530 watts (even with 87% of eff.) is not enough !?
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