GTX 770 low fps in games?

I have a MSI GTX 770 with AMD FX 8350, but I run Bf3 multiplayer on around 40 fps. Is that what I'm supposed to be getting? Graphics Driver 326.41.
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  1. Not at all. You should be getting fps in the 100 range when set at 1080p on ultra settings. Can I have the full specs of your pc? Also, what resolution do you game on?
  2. I run the game on ultra 1360x768
    Full Specs:
    Operating System
    Windows 8 64-bit
    AMD FX-8350
    Vishera 32nm Technology
    8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-78LMT-USB3 (Socket M2)
    SAMSUNG (1360x768@60Hz)
    2048MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (MSI)
    Hard Drives
    466GB Hitachi HDS721050DLE630 (SATA)
    Optical Drives
    TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB ATA Device
    High Definition Audio Device
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    What speeds are your RAM sticks running at? And, at 720p, 150fps is what you should be getting, I've read many threads and heard of many angry customers that are displeased with the performance of the 770, this seems to be a major isssue and will most certainly be addressed by nVidia. You have decent specs, there's no reason your GPU should be that slow. Wait, what power supply do you have?
  4. RaidMax 700W and Afterburner says Memory is on 3506 Mhz.
  5. Dude.
    what brand'/model ram have you got?
  6. idk but whats the problem?
  7. Overclock your RAM to 1333 or if possible, 1600, it'll give you better performance, but nothing too great. You don't have a great motherboard, but that still shouldn't give you this kind of performance. nVidia will get it fixed, they better, because they've got one of the largest and most demanding fan bases, and paying 400 bucks for a GPU that doesn't peform is not exactly something gamers want to experience. I'm having my own customers complain that their GPU is basically slacking out.
  8. ok thanks for the help.
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