Best 140mm Fans for radiator?

Hi im looking for some fans for my Kraken x60. I was considering noctuas or some Bitfenix ones. Preferably black. If any of you guys could help that would be great. I also need 1 more fan just to put inside the case, which is a 650d. The other one can be 120 or 140, but i would rather take a 140. Thanks!!
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  1. Arctic Cooling F14 PWM for 140mm.. if Gentle Typhoons came in 140mm I would recommend those.
  2. get this highest static pressure 3.1 and highest cfm 110 fans at a great price " class="img lazy">

    Dimension: 140
    Fan speed: 600 -1600 RPM
    Max airflow: 110.61 CFM (141.75 m3/h)
    Max static air pressure: 3.12 mm H2O
    Noise level: 12.5-26.01 dB(A)
    Voltage rating: 12V DC
    Bearing: HDB (Hydro dynamic bearing)
    Fan life expectancy: 50,000 hours
    Connector: 4pin PWM
    Product code: AK-FN063
  3. Corsair makes some very good radiator fans, as well. Look for the AF140.
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    gentle typhoons are heard were discontinued.. I did a review on the cougar 120mm fans when used on a rad here:

    they are 120mm but I also use the 140 as case fans and push serious air with good pressure.
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