Mounting additional 120mm case fans on Corsair 400R

Hey guys.

I have a Corsair 400R Gaming Tower, and the case comes with three 120mm case fans; two mounted on the front and one mounted on the back for exhaust.

This case also has two mounts (120-140mm) on the side and two mounts (120-140mm) on the top. Even though it's not necessary to mount additional case fans, I'd still like to mount fans on ALL 4 of these mounts. But I've also heard how mounting too many case fans can disrupt the air flow, causing temps to go higher.

At the moment, I can't test this out myself because I do not have the custom made screw specifically designed by Corsair to mount fans on these bearings. If you don't understand what I mean, check out this thread:

Anyone who has or had a Corsair 400R, should I mount all 4 additional fans on this case?

Thanks. I look forward to your replies.
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    Side fans are usually the culprit for disrupting airflow. They also are the most likely to add the most noise; something about sucking air in through those grates add a definitely noticeable tone that just isn't worth it, in my opinion.

    Top fans, in my experience, have added a positive affect on temperature without any issues. That's the extent of my input, sadly, as to mount them I use rubber isolators.
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