Are these two compatible?

I think they are, but I just want to make sure before I order, amazon is getting mad at all my returns lol. If they are compatible, what voltage power supply do u recommend? I have a 430w currently

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  1. They are compatible , the PSU is decent , but are you running a graphics card?

    If you aren't running a card , you should be good to go.
  2. i don't see why it won't though i getting B75 drop down to something like i5-3450 or 3350P if you have a dedicated Gfx card. also if you want a PSU a corsair CX 500 is a good entry level one.
  3. Why wouldn't it be good to go if I was running a graphics card? I have a

    that's compatible right? its a pci express just like the slot in my card

    Anyways can I do this on a 430 because Id like to avoid spending the extra money on a upgrade because I already have a psu
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    Yes that PSU will work fine for your system.
  5. Thanks im glad to hear it
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