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I just have a quick question as I do not know much about setting up dual monitors. I intend to just set them up for an extended desktop as to have my live stream on one monitor and use the other monitor to run internet windows, voice chat, and other things not seen on my live stream. Anyways.. Here's my question..

Currently I'm running this as my video card.. It has 4 slots on the back for display output.. 1 HDMI, 1 Displayport, 1 DVI-I, and 1 DVI-D..

I have one of these monitors and would like to purchase a second one if what I'm asking is doable.. So, the monitor has three means of display input. The first is via VGA, the second is HDMI, and the third is DVI.. I was curious if I used this cable (DisplayPort Male to HDMI Cable Male) if it would work to use the DisplayPort Out on my video card and have it connect to the HDMI-in on monitor #1, and for the second display use the HDMI port-out on my video card to connect to the HDMI-in on monitor #2.

Thanks in advance!
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    Maybe. But seeing as you do not have the second monitor yet, why not just get a monitor with either/or a DisplayPort or a DVI port? Finding a current monitor without one of those will be hard.

    Monitor #1 via HDMI,
    Monitor #2 via DisplayPort.
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