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Hi everyone i would like to ask for some advice. I have an old core i7 920 running at stock with stock cooler and since a few days the fan was making some noises, not those it makes when it starts to work at high rpms just a noise. The case is that it not broken,my temperatures are good while idle about 40-45, the trouble seems to be while gaming. When jumping into CPU demanding games like Battlefield 3 my temps reached 74º celcius on 2 of the cores, the others stayed at 70-71. To these let me add that bf3 its not working at solid fps. My fps fluctuates between 120-47 in some cases.
Could be the fan does not speeds up itself anymore? I remember sometime ago(last summer) my 920 wouldn´t reach over 68º at full load with 30º of room temperature.
Maybe it´s time for give this fan a replacement. Please give some advise on what to do.
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  1. Can't go wrong with a hyper evo 212, cheap and effective. Just make sure it is the LGA1366 compatible one, I think there are still two versions lurking out there. If you want something more flashy, the thermaltake frio gets decent reviews.
  2. what about the Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm, i ´ve seen very nice reviews of it. It´s good? i may be OCing this CPU because i dont have the budget for upgrade mobo+CPU+memory.
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    i7-920 is still a great chip. Easily get to 4Ghz with the right memory.

    NH-D14 is on the high end and will let you squeeze a little more voltage and frequency out. (Though that is about the price of 8GB of DDR3)

    BLCK and CPU and Memory ratio (plus core voltage) are important factors to 1st Gen overclocking.

    Default ratios for the memory are 8, 10, 12, and higher. The lower ones are more useful. BCLK will go as high a 212 Mhz if you are lucky.

    Basically set a BLCK and ram ratio that keeps your memory near its rated speed and change the CPU multiplier until the computer is stable. If you want more speed, add more core voltage (safe max is 1.35, you can go over though) to the CPU and increase the ratio. Watch temperatures as you do so.

    I ran my i7-950 with a BLCK of 161 and CPU ratio of 24 =~3.85Ghz 24/7 for two years. Only had the voltage at 1.125, kept it quite cool.
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