Can I run Battlefield 3 on low?

I have a laptop system and here are the main and important specs and i was wondering if i would be able to even try to run bf3 on low settings at 1280x720

Cpu: Amd e1-1200 apu with Radeon(tm) HD graphics(2 cpus), ~1.4 ghz

Gpu: Amd Radeon HD 7310

Ram: 4096MB Ram

I would mostly be playing multiplayer on it and my internet connection is fast at around 2mb/sec, so i dont think my speed will be the problem but more my system
a reply would help the sooner the better until next time have a nice day :)
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  1. Probably not since the laptop doesn't meet minimum requirements.
  2. alright thanks for the response if anyone else with the same system or similar could give me a more in-depth analysis i would greatly appreciate it.
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    scroll down and it will show the fps for battlefield 3 which is a dismal 9 fps
  4. Thank you very much for this i've been trying to search for benchmarks similar to this so it seems i wont be able to play battlefield 3 while out on the road or any modern game for that fact of matter, I might as well later on invest in an alienware or custom origin laptop and fully load it with a gtx 780m if i can.
  5. to be honest with you, i have an hp m6 laptop that has an amd a10-4600m in it and i play can play skyrim(high settings 1366x768) and run battlefield 3(medium/high settings), run bioshock infinite(medium/high) on it without much trouble at all. its actually about the same to a little bit more powerful than a ps3/360. i also put some faster low latency low voltage ram in it, along with an ssd, which helped the battery life a lot and gave me a little boost on gaming so mine is on the high end of the benchmarks.
    $429.... that was up earlier today the 15th on groupon and its very similar to mine, but the deal is over now. i got my laptop on a similar deal back in January for $399


    you can look the a10-4600m or the 7660g up on youtube and see many people playing all sorts of games on it to get a real life feel of how it actually performs. Again, this is all running at 720p, not 1080p.
  6. Thanks again hehe for showing me these stats and with the equipment you have it'll definatley be better then bioshock infinite on ps3 ;P, I dont have that tight of a budget i am able to spend above average but not crazy either so perhaps this a good perspective on gaming on the go as the setups are more limited than desktops unfortunatly, and i already have a gaming desktop just that I dont always have time to play on it hehe.

    Desktop stats:

    Cpu: Intel core i7 2600k 3.40ghz

    Gpu: Msi Gtx 660ti power edition

    Ram: 16 gigabytes ddr3 ram 1600mhz

    Psu: Corsair Cxm 750 watts
  7. yeah i have a 2500k at 4.5ghz and an msi tf3 7950 in my desktop

    laptop gaming can be fishy if your aiming for 1080p performance. many like to easily hook up their laptop to their hdtv and play games as well. i personally think gaming at 1080p on a 50" screen if im sitting more than 5 feet away is wasteful because the human eyes flat out cant see the detail of 1080p onces you sit in the back of the room. so i just use 128x720 resolution which eases the gpu load considerably.

    i personally like the laptops that lenovo has. i saw a deal recently on one of their 14" ones and it was 1600x900 with an i7-4700mq and an nvidia gt750m, which should provide pretty solid performance at 900p and it was $799 at the time.
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